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What We Offer

What we see:

Emotional intimacy is the engine of real engagement and deep experience and we are convinced that trust is the fuel of that engine.

So building trust is paramount to emotional wisdom - and wisdom in general.

Be it among individuals, among families, among communities, among states, among nations and among the people’s of the earth.

We affirm that:

we are the eyes and ears and the hearts and minds and hands of that earth

And when aligned





And by language

By deliberately telling empowered stories that serve to lifts us

when we are inspired, interconnected and in tune with the wonderful powers within us

we can move mountains...

What we offer

At sutranovum we are delighted to engage with you in the following ways:

- sutranovum holds public talks at first in San Francisco and then wider afield

- we are pollinators of growth

- We have a coaching division - we coach individuals, couples. families, governments, NGOs, international organizations - see why coaching matters here

- an online limited edition art gallery dedicated to the premise that art is the pursuit of putting things in the right place, and with that as the frame of our focus - we may aspire to see and focus on the grandeur

- we have the adult brand sutranovum

- we have the kid’s narrative brand bodisutra

- is a division of sutranovum dedicated to honoring and honing the breath

- we offer workshops

- on the divine sexual nature within us and others

- on what it means to be mature and emotionally wise parents

and on many other themes which you can see explored in programs

- a forum for implementing radical solutions to sharing and using planetary sources from the vantage point of an enlightened approach to the application of technology aligned with nature and the needs of mankind

- a software division based on narratives

- A publishing wing focused on the wise reading of myth as metaphor, on emotional intelligence and meta approaches to human and planetary wellbeing

- A foundation whose focus is on programs for coaching teachers, parents, students and adults (professionals and non-professionals) on the importance of emotional intelligence