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Artist Spec Sheet

At sutranovum gallery we feature one piece of art per month. It may be a photograph or a print of just about anything.

But whatever it is it must express a feeling of gratitude, space and beauty.

That is the focus of our gallery.

If you feel your art meets those criteria then we can consider a piece of your work for a limited edition.

We do not need you to be an established artist but we will not compromise on the caliber of our brand.

FAQs about the application process to be an exhibiting artist:

How we accept submissions?

We accept application by email - - see what we require below for full details.

Mark the subject of your email - "Submissions for Review"

What we offer?

We offer representation, featuring in the sutranovum gallery, and, in the process of the unfolding of time, we offer traveling exhibitions. The terms of each sale are finalized based on you being selected as a featured artist.

We do three sizes of your piece. And sell 150 limited editions of each. We do not discriminate on the media you work in. But it must be possible to make the art into a digital print.

The smallest print starts at around 400 dollars and the biggest print is closer to 6-800 USD. Profit's are shared and are explained upon being chosen as a featured artist. We also make cards of your prints for our shop. The terms are all explained in our contracts which we share when we pick your work and there a mutual decision between artist and sutranovum to be featured in our gallery. For every print printed we plant a tree. More info about this here.

What we require?

Please send an email to and please mark the subject of the email - "Submission for Review" - attach a high quality TIF file of your image to that mail. Please also share the title and the name of you the artist. Please give a brief description of the work and your location. If we want to work with you we will most certainly get back. Thank You for your understanding.

We will get back to you if we feel your submitted art work is a good fit.

Thank you.