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We start with fulfillment. We start as if our goals have been fulfilled. And work back with that as our abiding mind and heart state.

That quality of gratitude can change an inner world and send rip currents through the outer. What is worth knowing are the intricacies of fulfillment, the laws of what is internal.

Life consistent with this wisdom flows without mishap.

It has been a facet of history that there is an underlying commitment to an unquestioned status quo.

It has been yet another facet that there is an underlying commitment to question the status quo too.

The balance of these two creates the mores of society.

To create a fulfilled individual is a feat of conscious engineering, a product of an aligned destiny, of questioning and changing mores wisely, while maintaining tried and tested ones that are truly beneficial.

We become what we train our sights on, what our focus is. Destiny is what we imagine our best selves to be - and the courage and dedication within to bringing that to the fore defines what it imparts us of ourselves, to ourselves. We achieve our goals of our best selves by taking aim at aligning with that inner state.

To create a sustainable flourishing ecosystem demands love for the earth and for nature, out of which we sprung. It is only right to love Mother Nature and Father Earth. To have reverence for life is intrinsic in all of us.

At sutranovum we take such truths to be self-evident.