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sutranovum was born from the awareness that humility, faith and imagination can rise to any challenge.

We recognize that trust frees the mind.

The sutranovum community is diverse and includes individuals from all walks of life. Artists, scientists, technologists, agriculturalists, yoga instructors, writers, musicians, financial analysts, accountants, programmers, managers, middle-managers, graphic artists, designers, UI designers, lawyers, doctors, healers, prototype specialists, metal workers, mechanics, mothers, fathers, students, wanderers; the list goes on and on.

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Why collaborative?

sutranovum's events aren't competitions like normal hackathons. We do compete. And a panel of judges chooses the best team's entry. That is only stage one. Stage 2 of the event is where everyone in the workshops gets together and asks what elements of all the other team's work could be incorporated into the winning solution. That is why we are collaborative. We don't see anyone as a loser. We value every contribution. No matter how small. We don't throw the babies out with the bathwater. We eliminate wisely.