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emotional intelligence and music

We get the word music from muse

A great athlete is no accident.

What we attune ourselves to dictates our path, our ascension as a species.

As individual, but as emissaries of the species.

Man, Woman

He or she who fashioned tools Who set out to make music of the spheres from the stuff of the spheres.

Music is the language of the muses

A muse is one a word for this spirit that is inspired through us.

And music can take us to heights of happiness, to depths of reflection.

Music then is one of the emotional vehicles for the human spirit.

This boundless quality in the human being

to rise to his true stature.

We can put a man on the moon.

We can do many clever clever things.

And with passion, with peace, with music

we can do wise things.

Keats the poet, on his tombstone, it read:

"Here lies one whose name was writ in water."

On our epitaph will it read:

Here lies a generation that brought lasting peace and abundance.

The choice is yours.

The choice is ours.

It's not a choice.

That's the funny thing...the difference between a decision and a choice.

A choice implies alternatives. The bird's eye is not seen. The focus is lost. Scattered.

A decision does not entertain an alternative.

It is decisive action..

It is liberated from the prison of choice.

It has found its origin.

It's authentic self.

That is goodness.

That is discernment.

real duty is not anything other.

It is the wisdom of the heart expressed outwardly.

That is all.

And nothing, nothing can limit that one.

In one.

In all.

essentially is demands being familiar with yielding

can we yield to the wind of the times to the wisdom of an age the the music of things...

music is a celebration

a great blessing

a celebration of the great blessing of being human

a creature who touches the earth

is of the earth yet aspires to something other

there is in you, in I, in man

an aspirational spirit

to aspire - to wish to attain

to inspire - to breathe in or attain

to connect and serve the spirit within, the muse

that is the music of emotional intelligence

it leads with the heart

and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

because it does.