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breath workshops

breath workshops 

There is a direct connection between the breath and the mind. 

When we are agitated and stressed the breath is impacted. 

When we take deep long focused inhales the mind is calmed. When we laugh we initiate relaxation in the body too. 

Whether we like it or not, smoking is a pranayama or breathing practice.  Like other ”forms” of breathing practice, a smoke break is a conscious break for a particular form of enhanced breathing that puts the practitioner into a more relaxed and centered state, and by doing so relieves stress.

Colombia has made a lot of progress in reducing smoking. They have followed two focused strategies since 2008. First, they lobbied to increase taxes on cigarettes and secondly they have no negative smoking zones. No public messaging says ‘you can’t smoke here.’ They only have smoke zones where it is stated you CAN smoke here.

Organ donorship is a complex field but there are effectively two paths governments provide on forms. Opt in or opt out. Opt out means you are automatically listed for organ donorship unless you opt out and opt in means you have to register to donate organs. Tick no or tick yes. Automatic opt in or automatic opt out and then you say no or yes. Positive vs negative. In countries with “hard opt-out" systems there have been increased in the organ donor rate of up to 25%.

On this website there is a page dedicated to Emotional intelligence in animals and it features a story about a black panther in South Africa who gets his name changed from Diablo to Spirit and his whole character changes.

From the “devil” to “spirit.”

We believe people take to smoking because it helps reduce stress. We don’t believe judging that coping mechanism is helpful.

Deep breaths relieve stress. So does a sauna. So does a cigarette.

Our approach to smoking is to embrace positive relationships with the breath and not to focus on the smoke.

It has often been seen in yoga schools that a focused yoga practice where loving the body gently and wisely is prioritized then tobacco consumption just naturally goes down.

At sutranovum we celebrate the breath.

We run courses on the breath for smokers who are interested in embracing the positive.

We run courses on the breath for conscious self-loving too.

To express interest in such a course please sign up here. Once we have enough attendees to do a workshop we will arrange a breath workshop.

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